The Problem with Sticking to a Plan

When you have a goal, typically you create some sort of plan on how to achieve it. The plan is different from the goal.

While the types of plans may vary for a business, entrepreneur, individual, team and organization… the purpose of the plan remains the same. It’s a map to help you get to where you want to go.

But what happens when that plan doesn’t go… as planned?

What do you do when you encounter resistance?

How do you respond to when what you want isn’t what you get?

Do you keep trying… following the same path in hopes that eventually you’ll get a different result from the same course of action?

Do you get frustrated and give up?

Take it from another perspective… what do you do when your plan doesn’t account for unexpected opportunity? Are you able to adjust and capitalize on a development or do you let it slip by?

The problem with a plan is that it outlines what you WANT to happen before you actually set out on the journey. Once you start driving, things change. Plans rarely account that… for the pot holes, the detours, and short cuts that spring up along the way. It’s not the fault of the plan because the plan was what helped you get going but if you don’t modify your plan in response to what you’ve encountered, you’ll either get stuck in the road or miss out on what could be.

Plans are needed but they need flexibility to be a part of them.

If you want to reach your goal, your plan needs your ability to adapt, to improve, to adjust and respond to WHAT IS constantly changing.

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  • Whenever I set a plan, I just use it as a guideline. By using your plan as a guideline and not a DEFINITE "I must do this, this, and this" plan of action, you stop setting yourself up for failure. It's like the phrase "There is more than one way to skin a cat". Whether you are doing it one way or another, it still gets done.

    Great post!

    • Daniel

      Thanks Joe

  • Daniel,
    This was a great idea. Too often I think people end up in a place they don't like because they were just following the plan in their mind. You bring up such a great point that you have to be ready for the curve ball! This is a great idea that I haven't really heard stated that way.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Jason