The Social Economy: Why People are the New Distribution System

In the days of old we had an access problem.

In order for our product or service to reach consumers we needed a distribution system that often was owned or controlled by someone else. We had to get their permission, pay them to use their network and abide by their rules if we wanted to play the game with any real chance of scaled success.

Authors needed a publisher to get into book stores and retail outlets (in order to reach book buyers).
Movie makers needed theaters to get their movies to the viewing public.
Recording artists had to go through major labels and radio stations to get their music heard.

That was the way it was but things have changed, haven’t they?

The old way wasn’t necessarily bad, it worked for a time and is still relevant in many situations today, but the social economy has revolutionized the way it works and the necessity of it.

You don’t need their permission any more.

You can still seek it and in many instances there is still use for it but their approval no longer determines your success.

The walls have been torn down. Access is now within reach and available to any of us.

That doesn’t mean the access makes it any easier. It just means that your future doesn’t rest in the gate keepers hands as much as it did in the past. You now have the opportunity to bypass the middle man and go direct.

Why? Because in a social economy, people are the new distribution system.

Consider this… the “Friday” video by teen Rebecca Black has been viewed over 72 MILLION times in a massively short amount of time while Lady Gaga’s latest video only has 28 million views. Do the math. Unknown teen versus massive industry recording artist with tons of money and marketing support behind her.

How did Rebecca’s video amass that kind of traction? People.

She made the music, put it on Youtube, got a little media attention that sparked the flame and the PEOPLE did the rest.

It was the PEOPLE and her access to them (via Social outlets such as Youtube) that enabled her song to become a sensation (like it or not).

You have that access too.

How you use it is simply up to you but regardless, the door is open. You’re no longer limited by their “no”, their rejection letter or their unreturned phone call.

The power is in the people. Mobilize them and create a distribution system of your own.

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