The Surprising Truth of What Shows People You Care

It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s rather simple. Simple in concept but much harder in practice.

If you want others to know you care and that you value them…
Treat them that way.

Do unto others as you’d have done unto you. It doesn’t mean doing good to someone else because it fits YOUR agenda or what YOU need. It doesn’t involve hidden motives.

It means looking for intentional opportunities to prop up someone else instead of yourself. It’s being mindful, aware and extending grace even during the times when they might let you down.

Words are nice but when your actions back it up, they’ll feel it and know it’s real.

Okay, so maybe the truth isn’t so surprising to you but if you live it out… it might just be surprising to others around you.


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  • How nice to find your site, Daniel, and your common sense post today, via your smart comment at

    This simple reminder about intentional support, which I’m a big distributor of, hits a different cord for me today. You’ve made be notice something I never think about: the part about “…as you’d have others do to you.”

    I have thick files of years of thank-you cards, letters, tweets, emails and gifts thanking me for my organic/valuable support. But you just hit me with the surprise realization that I do not ever, ever, receive anything like the support I put out. Not from my swell family, friends, clients, online pals… I don’t ever expect it, but I’m suddenly stunned to discover that it doesn’t come, it’s not offered, it’s not there. I don’t really want it, I guess… and maybe I’m so good at being the provider/expert/supporter that people presume I don’t need or want the “comes around” of “what goes around.” But… jeeze.

    Or maybe I’ve got to look at what I’m really sending around, as opposed to what I think I’m sending around…

    Oy vey, I didn’t want to think (or cry!) today, thanks a hellova lot ~ ! HA! See ya later, because (aside from the generic post image) I really like what I’m seeing here, so I’ll be back to root around. And maybe I’ll bring Kleenex.

    Your new subscriber,


  • 🙂

  • stacycasey

    i like all the messages i am recieving i believe they speak the truth and i agree with how to give and care for others treat them the way you want to be treated and giving to give not to get with no hidden agenda thats the way you should be with everybody.i believe this website has a lot to offer .i greatly appreciate the valuable information .knowledge is power.we can all learn a lesson.