The Title on Your Business Card Doesn’t Really Matter to Them

My wife and my kids could care less about the title on my business card. They aren’t impressed by the superficial things or how important I may or may not think I am. What they REALLY care about is how important THEY are to me and whether I example it in my actions versus just my words.

Do I spend good, quality time with them or do I put a higher priority on time spent on other things? Do I put their needs first? Do I make them feel like I truly care?

That’s what really matters.

The same goes for those we work with. Yeah, the person with the heftier title carries more weight in being able to sign the check or fire someone but at the end of the day… a title alone will only go so far. It’s how we treat others that makes the difference. If we show them we care by giving them our time and focusing on serving their needs then they will care for us more in return. And, that word “care” translates to increased loyalty and team engagement… necessities for any organization or initiative to thrive.

As Mark Sanborn said, “You don’t need a title to be a leader.” What you do need though, if you want to be effective, is a genuine desire to care for others. That’s done best when we stop trying to put the focus on us and shift it onto them.

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  • I recall a few years ago when I worked for a very large engineering firm and a senior manager was attending a meeting with a supplier along with his boss the director. The supplier kept ignoring the boss and referring to the more junior guy. It was only at the end of the meeting the supplier realised his error when the senior manager deferred the decison to the boss. The supplier realised his mistake as he thought the senior manager with the title of director was the more senior.

    Titles don't matter, but it can be helpful to explain what you do – not a job title, but a tag line.

    • Indeed. Titles are needed to clarify responsibilities but when we put seeking a title above WHO matters most, that's when we fail.

  • I like what William Wallace said, "Men don't follow titles; they follow courage."