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THINK. BE. DO. A Formula for Success


Read a great post yesterday about success and how to achieve it (in whatever it is you are trying to do).

Reminded me of a poster I have on the wall above my desk which reads:

A Formula for Success

  • THINK: Dream big. Imagine the possibilities. Think it.
  • BE: Live it. Adopt the vision. See it. Believe in it. Be it.
  • DO: Results don’t happen without action. Small steps lead to big results over time. Do what it takes and never give up. Do it.

Just a little something to serve as a reminder for the day.  : )

(If you’d like to download a poster of your own, feel free. I’ve posted 3 quickly modified versions of my own poster below. Posters are just 8.5″x11″ sheets that you can print, post and share.)

Download PDF Here (Super)

Download PDF Here (Results)

Download PDF Here (Win)

Daniel Decker
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