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Turning Knowledge into Action


There’s no shortage of knowledge available to any of us today. The internet is full of it. You can get even plenty of it for free.

But simply accumulating knowledge won’t accomplish much… will it?

It’s when we apply what we know that we make something happen.

Sometimes though, the pursuit of knowledge can become an excuse… thinking we need to know exorbitantly more in order to start or keep going (see Stop Waiting on Perfection). But that’s just a lie we tell ourselves.

Sure, acquiring more knowledge in life is valuable and we should always seek to learn but the truth is that most of us already know more than enough to make a significant impact in whatever it is we’re trying to do. We just need to apply it, even a small percentage of it, instead of waiting and waiting and trying to accumulate more.

There comes a time when knowledge isn’t enough… A time when we need to turn that knowledge into action and start creating results.

What do you think about the relationship of Knowledge and Action? Any advice or tips you use on applying what you know?

Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker is President of Higher Level Group, Inc., a strategic marketing and development firm that helps authors, professional speakers, and organizations who are doing good to expand their influence. LINKS: Follow @DanielDecker on Twitter | Visit the "About" Page | Subscribe to the Blog and get updates via RSS or Email.
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  • It is so easy to gather resources, ideas and concepts. Implementing…not so much.

    I just read a thought by Kevin Hendricks @Church Marketing Sucks – . He observed that we could learn from #NaNoWriMo – "an exercise in putting aside excuses and distractions in order to get it done."

    I think this can be applied in all fields. Set a parameter and accomplish the task.

  • begumji

    knowledge has no values unless actions taken plaice and results experienced or known.