Use Chumming to Grow Your Business and Build a Platform

Are you trying to grow a business?
Are you an author trying to build a platform?
Are you someone trying to leverage social media to attract new followers?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions then this post is for you.

You know what “chumming” is, right?

It’s is the practice of luring animals, usually sharks, by throwing “chum” into the water. Chum often consists of fish parts and blood, which acts like a magnet by stimulating the sharks keen sense of smell and desire for food.

But chumming isn’t just for catching sharks.

Chumming is a legit growth strategy as well.

Let me explain…

Chumming works by providing something of value to whatever (or whomever) you are trying to attract. It lures them in by offering up something they want (usually without any barriers or strings attached). It’s like a free appetizer that leaves them wanting more. Best of all… chumming helps bring them to you instead of you having to chase after them.

As more gather at the back of your boat, your chances of hooking a fish (or multiple fish) increases when you’re ready to drop in your line.

See the benefit?

Sure, you can catch a shark without chumming but it’s often harder because you might only have one shark behind your boat. When you chum, you increase your odds by increasing the mouths who might potentially bite your hook.

For a small business owner… “chum” might be giving away a free sample of the product, a free trial or something else that entices people in. The more who sample, the more who will likely return and pay full price (if they like what you had to offer).

For the author, their “chum” might be in the form of content marketing… a free ebook or manifesto around a topic, a free book chapter download, a newsletter, course or video that supports the direction of your writing. If they like what you offer, they’ll be more likely to buy your book because they’ve started to accept you and your offerings as valuable.

For someone trying to use social media to attract new followers… the idea is the same but the “chum” may simply be providing value by trying to give versus to get.

It’s about using something of value to attract new customers, followers, or potential buyers and giving them a taste so they are hungry for more.

It’s a simple shift in perspective that can help you as your grow.

In closing, here are 3 points to help you as you chum….

1. You need to know who it is that you are trying to attract.

2. When you know who they are, it’s easier to determine what they will like. Then you can start testing by chumming the waters. Try different chum to see what attracts the most.

3. Be ready to drop the line. Once your chumming is working and you are attracting the right fish, be ready to drop your line so that you can reap the rewards with a catch. Don’t drop the line too soon (or too late) though, you must learn to determine when the time is right.

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