Vision Without Execution is a Hallucination

I believe it was said by Albert Einstein but I also saw (via Google) it attributed to Thomas Edison…

Vision Without Execution is a Hallucination [Tweet That]

Either way, it’s a great quote and a prime example of ideas alone just not being good enough. Lots of people have a vision or a dream but only a few actually wake up and pursue it with action and execution.

Some people have great ideas but they never act. They talk it to death (I’ve done it too). They say they are “planning” it out but in reality they are just using the word “planning” in place of procrastination due to the fears of “what if.” What if it fails? What if it’s not perfect? What if I have no Earthly idea of what to do next?

Other times its that we just let the busyness of life get in the way.

I think of Billy the Big Mouth Bass. You’ve seen it. A few years ago they were plastered at the front of every toy store in America. An Elvis singing rubber fish attached to a wall mount piece of wood.


Now that was a vision that some may have thought was more a hallucination but it was something someone saw and executed all the way to the bank.

It’s not always the best ideas that win. It’s the ideas that someone has the courage to pursue that make it.

Today, be encouraged to execute on your vision. Stop talking about it and start doing it. You don’t have to do everything now but just do something to start moving from idea to reality.


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  • Joe Passkiewicz

    Great point on the importance of execution. Lot’s of dreamers out there- the real gain comes in executing. Our tendency is to thing the idea is enough. It’s only part of the equation. The harder part is actually DOING the work and making it happen. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks Joe. As an “Idea Guy” it’s something I have struggled with for most of my life but thankfully I have learned the discipline of focusing in on the ideas most important to me and executing them. Still a ways to go but every year I get better. : )