Waiting Until the Time is Right

I’m not a huge NASCAR fan but I have always been intrigued by the phenomenon of DRAFTING and how it serves as a great example for achieving success in certain aspects of our lives and work.

Drafting is basically when two cars run very close together, front to rear, in order to reduce the drag caused by wind resistance. In other words, by running close together they improve their aerodynamics and are able to go faster together than they could alone.

DRAFTING isn’t what really intrigues me the most though.

It’s how drivers use drafting to win that is.

You see, at just the right time the second car is able to create a little extra momentum as a result of drafting the first car. It’s called the “Slingshot Pass” and it usually occurs as they go into a turn. The second car capitalizes on the wake created by the first car and dives down with a little extra burst of speed to take the lead.

It often happens towards the end of the race or at a pivotal point when the second car has waited for what the driver feels is the best, most strategic time. If he moves too soon he runs the risk of the same tactic being repeated on him as well. If he waits too long he risks it not working and not having enough time to try again.

There’s a lot we can learn from this idea but to me, one of the prime points is this…

Sometimes it’s not a great idea to rush to be first.

Sometimes it’s better to be second and wait until the time is right to take the lead.

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