Ways to Kick-start 2013 with Possibility and Perspective

Since 2013 is upon us, now is a great time to kickstart the new year with a dose of possibility and perspective… two essential ingredients for making this year better than the last!

Below are a few posts I have recently read or reread that I believe will inspire you and help reinforce the mindset you need to succeed.

Manifesto for Living a Life Worth Living
This short but powerful manifesto by Mark Batterson is one that I have posted above my desk. I read it almost daily as as reminder to live a life that matters. It’s a great motivator to overcome the fear and obstacles that might stand in the way. This link includes a poster of the manifesto that you can print and post.

Stop Waiting for Perfection
Perfection is a myth. If you are holding out for things to be perfect, you’ll never accomplish what could be.

20 Tips for a Positive New year
This is a post by best-selling author Jon Gordon. A great post with 20 simple ideas that will have a positive impact on your year.

14 Ways to Expand Your Influence
If you have any desire to make a positive impact on the world, you must understand how to expand your influence. This post offers 14 quick tips to not only help your influence expand but to make it count.

Do You Have a Personal Platform Plan for 2013?
This is a post by best-selling author Michael Hyatt. Going along with the influence link, if you are serious about making an impact and have something to say (or sell), you need a platform. This post will help you as a guide on how to start.

The Culprits of Quitting
An insightful short post by Ben Arment. “Today, I would like you to write down your list of excuses… and then burn it.”

Why You Shouldn’t Bother with Writing Resolutions this New Year
A post by Jeff Goins. Resolutions don’t work unless you do. This post will give you the perspective you need to make your goals a reality. “Don’t waste your time with writing resolutions this New Year. Instead, focus on something else…”

Productivity Tweaks for 2013
This is a post by Ray Edwards. It includes several practical tips for enhanced productivity but more importantly, it illustrates the importance of being intentional with your time and resources.

3 Things Zig Ziglar Told Me at Lunch
A post by Jon Acuff. These lessons shared by the legendary Zig Ziglar are important for us all.

If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.
I’ll just leave you with that…

Question: What tips do you have to kickstart the new year? What posts / articles are you reading that are helpful? Leave a comment below and share.

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  • What a great list of resources, Daniel. Thank you for compiling them. I’m working down the list now. Do this more often!