Whose Stick Are You Measuring Against?

There are times when our admiration of someone else’s success can be quite counter productive. It’s when appreciation turns to fascination and eventually, if we aren’t careful, preoccupation.

It’s okay to look at what someone else has accomplished and want the same for yourself but simply looking at their success won’t help you make much of your own now will it?

The more you’re focused on them, the less focus you’ll have on you and what you need to do to move the notch forward.

Besides, do you really want to continually compare yourself to someone else? Do you want to live in the shadows of what they’ve done or bask in the light of what you’ve been called to do?

Each of us is different. No two paths are exactly the same. Embrace that.

Why not stop trying to measure against their stick and instead create your own?

Focus on being you and let them be them. Choose to be excellent in everything you do, work hard, be smart, be honest and add value to a point where you blow others away.

When you focus on being the best (that you can be), you won’t get distracted with merely trying to catch up with them.

Your stick has your dreams and goals at the end of it. Focus in on that and you could very well set a new height that others are in awe of.

That’s a much better stick to measure with if you ask me.

Would you agree?

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  • Thank you for the post, Daniel. It’s easy for me to get caught comparing myself to someone else’s success and take my focus away from my own God-given dreams.

  • It is our own individual uniqueness that makes the world an interesting place. Copying or trying to be someone else is the key to living a miserable unfulfilled life. Yes it is good to emulate the heroes in out lives, yet the same time we could never be who they are, because we are uniquely created.

    Thanks for this insightful post Daniel

  • Chris Brogan wrote a great perspective on this topic today (10/3) as well: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/dont-be-chris-brogan/