Why You Need to Be Challenged and to Challenge Others

I have people in my life who aren’t afraid to challenge me. These are the people who speak truth out of love and who want me to be the best me that I possibly can be.

They won’t let me settle. They stretch me and help me grow.

Why? Because they care.

It doesn’t mean that I always like what they have to say though. In fact, in most cases they frustrate me (at least at first). Their words often stir things up and push me out of my comfort zone (if I let them). Then there are even the times when I flat out disagree with them (until I sit back, reflect and realize that perhaps they are exactly right).

Do you have people like this in your life?

Or, potentially more important…

Are you being this type of person to someone else?

Just like how iron sharpens iron, we need to invest in each other if we are to help each other fully become the people who God created us to be.

Speak truth, do it out of love, lift others up, care more about who they can become than simply focusing on what they can do for you.

Be open to being challenged and look for ways to challenge others as well. It matters.


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  • Daniel,

    Sometimes the people that can challenge you are very difficult to find. In my culture ( Puerto RIco) many people are brain-washed that you should be polite to not spark friction because that will ultimately lead to conflict. I run into lots of issues because when I see I can help someone I usually reach out and let them know what I think.

    Since most people don’t take this approach the see me as the assailant. Over the years I have been able to filter those that see me as attacking them when I just want to give them advice and on the other side I have been able to surround myself around people that will challenge me for my own benefit.

    I agree we need for for everyone to challenge us but also give us lots of love. 🙂

    • Raul, I agree with you. I am from NY & am familiar with your culture. I grew up in a similar culture. And I used to do the same thing – giving people advice when I saw an opportunity. What I found was that unless people were ready to receive advice, it usually fell on deaf ears. But when I would ask people a leading question, asking if they had ever considered this (or that) point of view, many times they would become more open to having a discussion about what choices were available to them that, perhaps, they had not yet seen.
      All the best, Dave.

  • What a terrific post! I shall remember this always. Tim Sanders would be proud of you! I shall put this into action as often as I can! Many thanks. 🙂

  • moving target

    most people are such losers. rising to a challenge separates the winners and losers. it's not about competition but simply raising your game. most people don't realise or don't want to realise that you need to keep pushing past your comfort zone in order to have a fulfilled life and be happy. but most people just want security, comfort and routine. that's why a large number of people are such self hating cowards. stay away from them.