One of The Most Important Things Any New Author or Speaker Must Do

If you have something to say or sell, whether that be through a book, speaking or releasing a product… there is something you must do if you want to build an audience or achieve any level of significant impact.

It’s to define your unique value proposition and differentiate yourself from everyone else.

In other words, you have to figure out what makes you unique… what will help you stand out.

How to Lead at a Higher Level

As Bill Taylor said so well in his Harvard Business Review article

The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners

To Lead at a Higher Level you must be willing to learn and grow. That’s why I’m excited to share a unique opportunity for you to take part in the Higher Level Leader Summit, free online. During this online event you can access key leadership insights from 16 of the most respected leadership and entrepreneurial leadership authorities around.

You Don’t Need More Information – You Need More Action

Paralysis by Analysis… it’s a condition that holds many of us back.

I know because I’ve been guilty of it myself. Maybe you can relate.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something… like write a book, start a business, create a nonprofit or pursue an idea? Or maybe you follow others who have done it and you find yourself wishing you could emulate their success.

Authors: Why Book Giveaway Promotions May Hurt Your Sales

One of the things many authors do when launching their book is to run a “giveaway” promotion on their blog, social media or on other blogs, etc.

But that strategy could actually HURT your sales and here’s why…

In most cases a book giveaway promotion requires people to register, comment or engage in some way to win.

Here comes the problem…

Self Promotion – How to Make It Not All About You

“I struggle with promoting myself. How do you navigate that in a tasteful way that doesn’t make it seem like it’s all about me? I just want to get the message out.”

It’s a common concern for a lot of people (authors, speakers, pastors, and thought leaders especially).

No matter who you are, if you have something to say or sell, there will likely come a time when you are faced with the tension of self-promotion. Most of us despise it but often it’s for the wrong reasons.

In reality what it boils down to is this…